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Ashish Sidapara

Lovely portraits, love the 1st one .. totally chilled out!!

Ashwathy Nair

Excellent portraits!


hello there! i missed some postings you did but im here now:)

im happy to hear that youre ok now and be able to take pics. again after 'milenya'.

great b/w pictures here!

Otto K.

Terrific set, Sidney, especially the top one. Great portrait of those two.


I like the warm toning you've given your black and white series. Your pictures are always initimate views into your subject. Great journalistic style!


Wow, those top two shots are just great. You do such a nice job with the framing and capturing a vibrant moment.


Tena koe ehoa
I caught footage of the wrath of nature that crossed the shores of the Phillipines tonight on the 6 o'clock news. They reported 70 dead with 100's injured as a reult. Glad you're okay Sidney!

A wonderful synergy is apparent between the two men in the top image although culturally the look independant of eachothers. I like that humanity can trangress culture and man can be one with whomever and wherever.

I don't mean to sound like saddistic person but, will you be posting any images of the effects of the recent storm.


amazing stories, great photos; more wonderful work from you!

Shazeen Samad

I love the way you display your work on you website,, These are wonderful images with great emotion and feeling and love... cheers


galing nitong series on laguna sid. anyway, hope you're well and good, safe and sound after milenyo.


These photos are aMAzing...


Sidney, is that you in the first picture? If it is, you really look like you're at home in the Philippines with the Filipinos. :)


Amazing b&w work. I really Love the lines in the top shot. This is so natural that I really feel like I'm there.


Black and white pics are awesome! Nice takes.


I love the one with the guy fishing..He looks blissful


I love the first and second photo ... and I'm mighty impressed by your journalistic posts ... You do an excellent job.


Hi Sidney, Glad you're safe after the powerful Milenyo. Your Laguna series is very interesting. I should go there.

19 Seconds Of Spring

The second one is my favourite... Nice portrait!



I just love visiting your blog! It is my favorite Philippines blog.

I am glad you were safe from the hurricane. I have been told of the devastation in Laguna and Bicol.

Gérard Méry

J'aime bien le portrait deux du pêcheur de poisson


I like the composition in the 2nd portrait. Obviously he loves his work!


Love those people. They seem to have a look of contentment.
It is good to be content.


I appreciate especially this series about Laguna de Bay . Your shots published on the previous days are full of energy. Your choice of warm grey tones works very well!

johnz for dinner again, but mom...; hope electricity has come back on


Fresh fish...looks yummy!

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